Honors IT

I took over the Honors College's IT department in early 2012. At the time, the College was standardized on Mac OS X 10.6.8, with aging server hardware.



  • I migrated the infrastructure to VMWare ESXi.
  • I created a virtual backup structure, with the use of TriLead's VM Explorer.



  • I automated the ingestion and processing of Honors College Application items.
  • I used the Exchange Web Services API to automatically process email.
  • I implemented Nagios to monitor the uptime of server and printing systems.

Deployment & Administration


  • I worked with the University of Houston's IT department to make it easier for nontechnical staff to work with Active Directory.
  • I implemented an automated deployment system through the use of DeployStudio and Munki, which allows nontechnical staff to self-service their computers and automatically collect usage statistics.